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Located in the rain shadow of majestic Mt. Hood, The Dalles is a sunny destination offering an abundance of outdoor recreation: cycling, fishing, hiking, rafting, camping, boating, rock climbing, and much more! Positioned as the eastern gateway of the world-renowned Columbia River Gorge, the city is surrounded by forests, orchards and vineyards, miles of wheat land, high desert, and, of course, the mighty Columbia River. 

The Dalles is known for its rich history, the annual Cherry Festival in April, and the local food, drink, and the music scene in downtown, which has exploded in recent years. But no matter what your interests are, we have something for you!

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Top 5 Instagrammable Spots in The Dalles

Want to know the best places to take a selfie? Or practice your nature photography skills? We asked some of the long-time locals their favorite spots in The Dalles to create the most social-media-worthy backdrops to your adventures!

Riverfront Park

Located right along the Columbia River, this recreation area is a great place to experience one of The Dalles’ 300 days of sun! Land-lovers will enjoy picnicking, playing frisbee, or bird watching. For those of us who love to get our feet wet, Riverfront Park is one of the best water sport launches in The Dalles.
And it’s just gorgeous!

The Rowena Curves

Selfie time? Nature photography? Why not do both? The Rowena Curves are on the outskirts of The Dalles, where the old Historic Columbia River Highway snakes its way through the Tom McCall Preserve, which teams with wildflowers in the spring. This is one of the more famous spots on the historic highway, which was designed by Samuel Hill (As in, “Where in the Sam Hill are ya?”). Along the Columbia River Historic Highway, beauty and excellent craftmanship go hand-in-hand.

Downtown Murals

The downtown murals are some of the most creative works of art ever to grace The Dalles. Originally there were ten murals, but over the years, more have been added and some have been painted over. In August of 2022, a pack of highly skilled artists (called the Walldogs) descended on The Dalles to create sixteen beautiful new murals that tell the stories and history of The Dalles


The Columbia River

The Columbia River is the largest in the Pacific Northwest, beginning in British Columbia and finally emptying into the Pacific Ocean in Astoria. A little less than 2 million years ago, this force of nature cut the nearly sea-level. gorge in the landscape. From the high-elevation areas of the city and either of the three parks resting on its banks, there is a spectacular view of the massive glistening river.

The Columbia Gorge Discovery Center

Whether you want to pose with a life-sized mammoth, take a picture of your kid playing in the interactive children’s exhibit, or share a kiss with someone special in front of the massive picture windows, the Discovery Center will not disappoint! It has been called by many of our well-traveled guests as a rival to the Smithsonian. In addition to its gorgeous architecture, it offers state-of-the-art exhibits, films, and recordings on subjects like Lewis and Clark, native flora and fauna, Celilo Falls, and more.