The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce and Rivermark Community Credit Union are excited to launch the 2024 Little Royals Contest for this year’s 43 rd Northwest Cherry Festival “Cherries on Broadway”. Each year the community votes for one boy and one girl between the ages of 3 -7 to represent Little Miss Royal Ann and Little Mister Royal Andy. The Little Royal Court gets crowned at the Coronation Breakfast on April 20 th before the Cherry Festival Parade. The winner will receive a backpack full of goodies, and a gift certificate to Fred Meyer’s, PLUS they get to ride in the Cherry Festival Parade.





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Favorites: Micah loves playing sports and with his dogs outside. He also loves to sing and dance. His favorite show is Mr. Beast's YouTube Vlogs. Favorite food is white pasta and pizza from Dominos.Know Me: Micah is a loving, and outgoing young boy. He loves playing sports and making friends with everyone. His personality, heart and humor is one of a kind. If there's music playing this boy will not hesitate to bust out some moves.
Favorites: Elaine's favorite things include squishmellows, going to school, playing with her friends, and helping take care of her baby brother Elliott. Her favorite food is chicken nuggets, cheese burgers and pan fried noodles. Know Me: Elaine is a bubbly outgoing little girl who loves to make people laugh. Everyone is Elaine's best friend in her eyes and never has trouble making a friend wherever she goes. She also is a wonderful big sister to her 5 month old brother.
Favorites: Building stuff, snowboarding, biking, loves pirates, He Man and Transformers, watches VHS and plays a lot outside “retro kids club” Know Me: I’m the cutest little red head around, I’m funny, compassionate, and my best friend is my brother Dylan aka “pickles” I spend most my time at home, listening to my mom and dads old records, playing in my fort or pirate sand box,I’m very creative.
Favorites: Painting, playing with bubbles, reading book in her tent and skiing Know Me: Hello my name is Delilah. I am a very happy 3 year old that loves dinosaurs. I love doing art and crafts, playing with friends, I am learn how to ski and I love the snow. I love to cook with my grandma and papa.
Favorites: Hiking, hunting, likes to play the drums, snowboard, I like He Man, Transformers and dressing up like pirates and super hero’s like Batman, I like to watch VHS’s with my brother “retro kids club” Know Me: My name is Dylan but they call me pickles, I love to hangout with my big brother Arizona, listen to music, play outside in our fort or play on drums, I’m tough as nails and enjoy wrestling and fighting the bad guys like Batman does, I’m smart and silly.
Favorites: Feeding my chickens, playing fetch with my dog, loves bacon and eggs, playing dress up, Paw Patrol and Gabby's Dollhouse, and dancing. Know Me: Hello I'm Eleanor. I live with my parents, little brother, and my dog Jameson. I love to spend my time outside plahying, growing my garden, and picking all the flowers I can. When I'm not outside I'm playing dress up, singing, and watching my favorite shows. I really hope you take the time and vote for me! It would be an honor! Thank you and I
Favorites: I love playing barbies, dress up, and anything makeup! My favorite food is watermelon, and I love watching Masha the Bear! Know Me: I'm as sassy as they come! I'm not afraid to say what's on my mind at any given time! I'm a punky little ray of sunshine! I love playing barbies and dress up and of course doing my makeup when mom let's me have it.
Favorites: Cocomelon, super Mario bros, moana and paw patrol. He likes to ride his little bike all over the house and eating nuggets from McDonald's. Know Me: Jadon loves to build things and figure things out all by himself. He loves hanging out with his big sister and brother and riding in the car with dad.
Favorites: Loves animals, horses, dogs and cats are what she plays with the most. Soccer, basketball and baseball. Dances hip hop and loves to sing. Know Me: Lily is such a kind outgoing kid. Loves to be outside playing. Riding bikes/ scooters / skateboards. Playing sports with her brother and freinds. Dancing and singing, just full of life and having fun. Lily is my free spirited wild child.
Favorites: Love to dance ,love to help other , love to with family and friends Know Me: Hello My name is Makayla I am the youngest of 6. I enjoy going to school and being with family.
Favorites: Art, Animals, Bluey, taking pictures! Know Me: Matylda lives up to her name, named after the movie star Matilda she is just as smart, creative, and determined! Her imagination is out of this world! Matylda loves drawing pictures and creating art every day!
Favorites: Likes to play soccer, participate in cheer events, color, and go to school. Her fav food is pizza and spaghetti. Know Me: Camila is an older sister, she loves taking care of her brother and teaching him new things. She loves attending kindergarten at Colonel Wright. She is very independent and enjoys helping mom cook and bake.
Favorites:My favorite hobbies are playing soccer and basketball! My favorite food is nacho cheese Doritos Know Me: Hi, I’m Camryn. I live to play soccer and basketball . I’m in the 2nd grade and I’m super excited for the summer and to spend time on my daddy’s boat swimming and fishing. My favorite color is teal and my idol is Cristiano Ronaldo.
Favorites: Gardening Know Me: I am a kind and energetic person. I enjoy being around my family especially my grandfather. I love to play outside all day everyday. I especially love to play in the garden and help the dogs dig. I am the happiest when I am outside.
Favorites: He loves bike riding, fishing and swimming. His favorite show is Spider-Man and his favorite food is pizza. Know Me: Freddy just turned 4 years old on leap day. He is currently in pre-k. Likes to read books and do arts and crafts. Loves to ride his bike and play ball outside as well as swimming and fishing. He’s a very happy boy who likes to make others laugh!
Favorites: bike and scooter riding, swimming, wrestling with older brothers and dog, her favorites foods are watermelon, noodles and cheese Know Me: almost 4 years old. She is in her first year of preschool. She loves to play with her older brothers (Ayden & Nico) and her dog Lola. She enjoys riding her scooter and bike and swimming! She likes to watch Gabby's Dollhouse and Toy Story 4.
Favorites: Loves being outside playing at the parks, the river and love going to scoops. She loves taken walks and riding her bike. Anything that involves talking to people! Know Me: Jesslynn was born and raised in The Dalles. She lives with mamaw, papaw, 2 uncles, 1 aunt, 1 baby brother, and 3 dogs. Jesslynn attends Petersburg pre-school.
Favorites: She loves Drawing and painting, and pizza Know Me: I'm 6 years old and love to draw, dance and sing. My favorite foods are orange chicken and pizza.
Favorites: Playing with his goat and chicks, and fishing. Favorite food is broccoli, carrots, and McDonald’s apple pies. Know Me: Nicolas (aka Nico) is a 5 year old boy that loves anything to do with being outside, sports, or his with his mama. Nico is going to be a big brother soon, so he’s been very focused on helping his mama with everything. He cares for his goats and chickens.
Norma Jean
Favorites: Anything Disney Princess. Loves to Sing. The biggest “girly girl” you’ve ever met. Know Me: My name is Norma. My favorite color is pink, and I love anything princess I am always the first one to complement people on their hair, nails, and outfit. I would love to be nominated as a Royal.
Favorites: Dirt biking, baseball, soccer, transformers, hanging with friends. Know Me: My name is Rowdy McDonald. I love to play outside, ride my bikes, dirtbike, Rollerblade, and anything else I can try. I like to play baseball, basketball, soccer, and anything else with my buddies.
Favorites: Bluey, mermaids, playing outside, riding my bike, eating pizza and tacos, and writing in my journal. Know Me: I love playing with my brother and my friends. I enjoy school and I try my best! I am learning to read and loving it! I like to ride my bike, climb trees, play with my dogs and chickens, hang with my mom and dad, go hunting, and so much more.
Favorites: Play outside, watch super Mario bros and Cars, play with hot wheels, etc Know Me: Waylon is quite the character. He loves the attention and being his silly self. Being outside, running around, playing in the dirt, and driving his power wheels Ram around with the trailer that dad built him connected and towing around his razor power wheel.
Favorites: Parkour, Singing and soccer Know Me: Grayson is an outgoing, Jesus-loving first grader who loves having conversations with anyone willing. He is known for his outlandish story-telling and also for his crazy fun facts. He also loves Jesus and telling others about the gospel!